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Makers bespoke furniture workshop
Makers furniture workshop france

Makers Bespoke Furniture

British Makers, Ezra and Elizabeth Harvey design and make handmade bespoke furniture in their old stone workshop. They specialise in making oak dining tables and freestanding kitchen furniture to bespoke sizes. They love to use sustainable French oak with traditional techniques to create simple, contemporary bespoke furniture, built to last for generations.

“Back in the UK, we came from boat building/metal work and art backgrounds. We decided that our lives needed a bit of a challenge and decided to follow family out here to France in 2004. We came with the idea of creating a business and giving our children another kind of life in the French countryside.

Furniture Makers

It was whilst renovating our farmhouse that the idea for Makers really began. We became totally inspired by the use of the huge oak beams in our home and consequently developed a real respect and appreciation for the traditional methods of oak barn building. This appreciation can be seen influencing the style of Makers Bespoke Furniture today.

The making of our furniture really evolved out of the practicalities of making our house into a home. We couldn’t find what we wanted in the shops so it seemed obvious to make our own things. So we started getting creative in the kitchen using pieces of oak reclaimed from our own barns. This naturally led on to the making of a dining table and benches for ourselves and it wasn’t long before we realised that other people liked what we had done. Our resourcefulness had finally turned into a business idea! We haven’t looked back since”

“We are extremely lucky to have found a couple of wood yards just a few miles away from us in the Pays de la Loire that supplies us with all the fantastic sustainable oak we use in Makers Bespoke Furniture.”

Bespoke furniture projects

We love to take on comissions for something we have not made before. If you have an idea in mind for a future furniture project, then give us a call or write to us at . We will be delighted to hear from you. For advice on where to begin please visit our Bespoke Items page. For examples of bespoke items we have made why not visit our Furniture Blog.

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Furniture makers of bespoke oak dining tables and chairs

Bespoke Handmade Oak Furniture built for life

All our furniture can be made to bespoke sizes and handmade exactly to your personal requirements. In everything we do, we emphasise our use of traditional methods of making and materials to create beautiful handmade oak furniture for the home and garden, that is built to last a lifetime.

Ezra & Elizabeth Harvey are registered artisans in France

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