The Makers Furniture Workshop

Our furniture workshop is situated just a few steps from our front door so we don’t have a huge daily commute. The building is an ancient stone built cow barn that was built several hundred years ago. It is quite a humble building and still much as it was originally built. Today quite different sounds emanate from within. Ezras’ latest jazz playlist will always be heard in amongst the banging and clattering of tools and machinery.

Handmade oak dining chairs in the workshop

The Makers workshop - an oak kitchen island in progress

When we arrived here many moons ago, the retiring farmer we bought our property from was still using the barns to house his cows. He had 6 months to go before his retirement and nowhere else to keep them. But we were very happy that he should stay on until the day of sale of his farm stock. We can still remember the very last of his cows calving on a balmy September evening. The farmer stayed up well into the night. And when Mum and calf were doing well – he left the radio on for company so that he could go home and get some much needed sleep. Monsieur Salliot continues to keep a small holding just over the Fence from our workshop. It is his beautiful pond that fills our view every day.

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View from the workshop