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Wood finishes – what should I choose for my furniture?

How we finish your item of handmade oak furniture is a very personal choice.  We offer a variety of wood finishes that will give a slightly different end look. We are here to advise, so if you have any questions at all please do email us or call us on + 33 (0)2 43 09 63 70. You don’t have to decide what finish you would like until after you have ordered, so do take your time if you wish.

Please note: Some of our finishes will be included in the cost of your piece of furniture and some will have an additional charge applied.


Oak pedestal table with a matt lacquer finishMatt lacquer is the most hard wearing of the wood finishes we offer. We recommend it particularly for bespoke dining tables and furniture that will see a lot of use. The Pedestal Refectory Table to the right has been finished with matt lacquer. Lacquer will enhance the colour of the wood we use and it will fully protect your table against spills and stains. Therefore there will be no need to use coasters and mats. After care is minimal. Just a wipe down with a damp cloth after use is all that will be required. Lacquer will be included in the price of your piece of furniture.


Danish OilHandmade oak dining table with a danish oil finish produces a very natural finish with a low shine. The Bespoke Oak Dining Table to the right
has been finished with Danish oil (the bench is unfinished). Oil is a wood finish that will bring a real depth to the grain pattern and colour to the timber. Re-application will be necessary from time to time in order to maintain a protective surface on your table. We do recommend the use of coasters and mats to protect from spills and stains. Danish oil will be included in the price of your piece of furniture.



Oak table finishes with Isoguard chalked oak treatment oilSeveral customers have asked for a slightly weathered oak finish. Isoguard Chalked Oak Finish gives a wonderful limed effect. It also offers reasonable protection against spills and stains. Most other finishes like oil, and lacquer will enhance the colour of our oak somewhat. Isoguard Chalked Oak treatment oil will retain the paleness of the oak we use. The special waxes it contains help to repel stains and marks without creating a barrier. Therefore the wood will still look natural and breathe. Linseed oil forms its base. The table to the right has been finished with chalked oak treatment oil.


Console table finished with an amber osmo tint

Osmo Polyx Hardwax Oil is a versatile premium protective oil originally made for flooring. It is relatively hard wearing and has the advantage of being easily maintained and renovated if required. We would recommend the use of coasters and mats to protect against spills and stains. The ingredients of Osmo oil are made up of a unique blend of oils and waxes which are environmentally friendly with a very low V.O.C. We have a choice of either….

  • a clear matt or satin Osmo Polyx oil, which will enhance the colour of the wood slightly and bring out the richness of the wood we use.
  • We are also able to apply a first coat of an Osmo tint. The cost of applying a tint will be from £60 per table. This will be in addition to the price of your piece of furniture.

The Large Oak Console Table to the right has been finished with a first coat of an Osmo amber tint and a final coat of satin Osmo polyx oil


SCANDIC OIL – Raw wood effect

Scandic oil is an 100% solvent-free raw wood effect finish based on a blend of natural oils that are emulsified in water. Bespoke table with Scandic oil raw finish It gives the particularly natural appearence of untreated or freshly sanded light hardwood. The Pedestal Refectory Table to the right has been finished with Scandic oil. Do bear in mind that this finish is not as protective as the above finishes and the use of mats and coasters is recommended.


In addition to the above finishes that we have in stock, we can apply wood stains and painted finishes to our furniture. This is a bespoke service that will incur an additional charge depending on the product used and the time to apply it.

If you have a particular look or colour that you are after, do get in touch as early as you can to discuss your ideas. Please email through any images you may have together with the name of the piece of furniture you like and its’ size. We will be delighted to hear from you.