Guarantees and Refunds

Makers Bespoke Furniture Terms & conditions. We use locally sourced sustainable French oak in all of our furniture. All the oak we use at Makers Bespoke Furniture originates from sustainable French forests.

The Characteristics of Oak

Oak is a natural material and will contain various marks and characteristics. Your furniture may contain knots, cracks and grain and colour variations for example. These natural and desirable features demonstrate the individuality of the wood. These features will not therefore, affect the durability or performance of your furniture in any way. Since each oak tree is unique, natural markings will vary from tree to tree. This will result in some timbers with no markings, and others with some.

We often use cracks for visual effect on our dining table legs. This will not affect the integrity of our handmade tables in any way. The oak planks we use for our table tops will contain knots and variation in grain pattern. They may include some flaws, such as small knots, small shakes (slight cracks which are a natural element of the timber). However, these minor flaws will not impair the performance of your furniture. Whilst all our timber has been correctly dried, movement in solid wood cannot be prevented.

Please note that we no longer make any of our tables with ‘breadboard’ ends.

After delivery of your furniture …

After fitting, small cracks may appear a few millimetres in width. This is entirely normal and is regarded as part of the natural beauty of the timber. These cracks can be easily filled with a coloured wax filler. Cracks and movement therefore, do not constitute any fault with the timber or in its’ construction. As a natural product, wood will move and change over time.

All the oak furniture we make is unique and handmade to order. As a result, colouring and grain patterns will vary from piece to piece, with no two pieces being exactly the same. Consequently, we cannot guarantee any replication of colour from piece to piece.

Environmental effects on Oak Furniture

Bespoke oak furniture is affected by heat and moisture. Therefore a hot dry environment will cause oak to shrink, whilst a damp environment will cause it to swell. Knots, cracks, drying shakes and movement are inherent characteristics of natural timber. They are not considered a fault in the wood or our workmanship. Great care has been taken to reduce the incidence of this, however the complete elimination is impossible.

We cannot be held responsible for movement in our furniture caused by exposure to extremes of temperature, such as next to a radiator or exposed to direct sunlight. Movement caused by an unnaturally dry atmosphere in a room with under-floor heating is not our responsibility. Exposure to these changes may cause some shrinking and splitting. We regret that we cannot accept this as a reason for refund.

It is essential to avoid any extremes of temperature in the first 8-12 weeks after delivery. Your furniture will need a settling in period. So if you use under floor heating, please be cautious and use it on a low setting for this first time. Extremes of heat may cause sudden drying of the timbers in your table and this could result in cracking.

We cannot guarantee…

Our terms and conditions clearly state that we cannot offer any guarantees or refunds for furniture that has been damaged due to…

  • exposure to sunlight
  • changes in temperature
  • being dismantled
  • damaged in transit
  • warped due to uneven floors after the customer has taken receipt of the goods

Leather and Other Materials

Leather is a natural material. Each hide used for our upholstered furniture will have its own individual characteristics and natural marks. As a result, differences in texture and colour may be apparent from one hide to another. This may be evident within the same hide. We select only hides of the highest quality, however some marking is inevitable. The customer must accept this as part of the individual appearance of leather furniture. Growth marks, bites, warble fly marks, scars and creases are common on leather furniture. It is precisely these marks, which distinguish “real” leather from man-made substitutes. None of these characteristics have a weakening effect on the hide. Hence, any marks are proof of the natural product.

If the customer orders furniture at different times, we cannot guarantee to match fabrics or other materials.

Cancellation of Orders

An order can be cancelled up to 7 days from the point of order for a full refund of the deposit.

Orders can be cancelled between 7 to 21 days after point of order and will be subject to a 50% refund of the deposit placed.

We hand make our furniture to order for every customer. Consequently every item of furniture we make is bespoke and to your requirements. Since, we do not make our furniture from stock , once this cancellation period has elapsed it will not be possible to cancel the order or return the furniture after delivery.

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